Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday , 11th June 2010

This is a new me :) see , I don't know why , but family keep saying that I'm loosing weight , but I don't think so . Well , I'm gonna get braces soon :)

This is Pi.Amad.Joe . Bahahaha , his name is Ahmad Lutfi , I don't know why but we keep texting each other like thousands lately . Aww , I Love You Friend :D

This is Shu , kawan baik sehidup semati . I LOVE YOU BESTIES :D

This is Hana , not much for me to say , I'm gonna shout I LOVE YOU :D

p/s : Gambar kambing kesayangan saya takda , yang penting kambing tu tau saya cinta kat dia .

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