Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday , 4th June 2010

Account paper sucks , Pi suggest to me to cheat instead of sleeping without answering . So , out of 4 question(wajib jawab) I only answer 3 question . Ada balance 2 question(pilih satu) I did question number 6 .

Gee , texting with Pi is addictive . Its like me addicted to marijuana . Hahaha . Well , he is very supportive . He support me to study . I really appreciate him . Thanks for listening to me all the time .

Acap . Stop bugging me around okay . I don't mind to be friend with you again , but please try to understand me . I love you okay , and i still miss you :'(

I'm trying to loose some weight these holiday . It would be easier with some help from my sister .


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