Wednesday, June 30, 2010

God , can you please help me at least once ? I'm begging you God . I promise I won't do bad things . How on earth I can fall in love with my best friend friends ? Can you show me a way ? Can you guide me god ? Please god , I'm begging you . I don't have the courage to tell the truth nor confess to that particular guy , but I do appreciate if you help me lord . I can't even tell my best friend about my feeling . I rather keep it by myself because I don't want to ruin our friendship . I can't tell you here who is that particular guy , but I'll tell you later on during prayer :D I don't know why but I rather keep things by myself nowadays that telling it to my best friend . I know this is the longest post I've ever done , I feel stupid when I walk home on a rainy day just because SYAWALL want to meet me , AIMAN did tell me to stop the friendship with him , now I know why , because my heart and my soul has someone else . Oh god , can you please help me by telling that guy that my heart and my soul is melting because of him ? Can you ? God please , I don't have that strength anymore , I need him to overcome this feeling . He's been away for almost a week . Is it so hard to be the head student/head prefect ? Oh god , I guess you guys know whom am I talking about . I can't hide it anymore . That's it , I am forcing myself to eat to overcome these feeling . I didn't really eat for this whole week . Sorry , I'm loosing weight and look like a skeleton .

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