Sunday, January 9, 2011

A day with Him :)

Okay, finally I got the main focus for this post. I went out with this handsome little guy *yesh, he is GOOD LOOKING. So, he treat me at Carl's Jr. okay, seriously I need to stop eating for today. Then, he told me the story of how he get caught in accident earlier this morning. Okay, kalau cerita sampai esok pun tak habis. Long story short, HE'S AWESOME. First time la weyh a guy bawak kan barang untuk aku. Teruja kejap, hahahaha, he is nice, I can't deny that. Thanks a lot dear sebab belanja I makan and teman I shopping. I'm sorry because I can't help u with anything about the accident, I can only say I'm sorry for what happen and don't do the sad face anymore, rasa nak gigit je tadi tengok.

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