Thursday, January 6, 2011

A short morning conversation with Mom ♥

Weather : Cold, raining.

Time : 11.06

Me : Mum.

Mum : What time did u sleep last night ???? Aku suruh kau tido kau bawak masuk laptop eh ?????

Me : I don't know, I fell asleep on the table, I slept earlier than u think.

Mum : Dah, enough using the laptop.

*sigh, walk away

*Sat on the couch with my cat with the laptop switch on in front of me

Mum : Don't use the laptop I said

*she went into the room, quickly log into facebook, then here she come

Mum : I said don't use it !!!

*buat bodoh je -.-

After 10 minutes everything get back to the normal. Mum no longer angry at me but the moral of the stories is, DON'T STAY UP TILL 5 WITH THE LAPTOP IN MY ROOM.

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