Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't stop the fun

2 days ago, I was texting with Ilmi, he's at Mc Donald and its 3 am. I told him that I've updated my blog, and its about him. He wanted to read them, so yeah, I gave out my url. Then suddenly he told me about his friend yang study kat Jepun ada blog jugak. That guy ada post something about him kene ngorat dengan bapok. So I went out on the laptop and look for the blog. oh yeah, I've read this guy blog before. Memang superb la his word, so I look for the post, damn ! Can't stop reading them till now, so have fun reading Ilmi kene ngorat dengan bapok. There's the link *aku cerita macam lah ada orang bukak blog aku -.-