Thursday, May 1, 2014

Enough is enough

Its been awhile.

Not really, almost 3 years.  That's long enough I guess.  I care too much, way to much that he didn't realize it.  He thought everything is okay, silent means okay, okay means okay.  He care too much about his friends yet he forgot to care about me.  I know he care, but not as much as he cares bout his friend, cause to him, friends is everything. 

Yeah, friends is everything.  Don't forget that your girl or your man used to be your friend.  Why did you change the way you treat him or her after he or she belongs to you?  They are still your friend.  But they will be there forever no matter where you are, what happen to you, they will stand together with you.

Its okay, I care too much, its about time for me to stop caring bout you, I've had enough and I'm tired of being hurt that when you do good things to me, I didn't realize it.