Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Night Changes

I know you won't read my blog, but I just feel like writing it down here. Everything that I just can't say it to you.

You know I have good and strong memory, that's why I can remember tiny bits whatever you do.

I still remember what were you wearing on our first date, what was our first movie, which date I became your girl. I remember every tiny bits of it.

I started to learn more about you. Your habit, your lifestyle, your work, your family and your friends.

I know now I'm giving you the time and space you need. Maybe by writing it down here will ease me.

It hurt me, you imagine someone stab you on your abdomen, yeah, just like that. I'm trying my best to hold my tears, I'm tired of crying myself to bed every night.

I wake up every morning feeling guilty, thinking how I can fix all this mistakes and problems.

Maybe, keeping ourself a distance at the moment is the best, but remember, you promise to come back, and I hold onto that promises.

No matter how long it take, remember that I'm always here and I still need you in my life.

Yours truly,
Aida Asmadi

Since Day 1

Since day 1, I learned that you have everything in you that I look for in a man.

And after 4 years, I learned that I cannot change you for who you are.

I learned that I'm here only as guidance.

I know you love me even tho you didn't express it all the time.

I learned that you give me everything.

Sayang, the only thing I really wanted from you is that we cherish the moment together, always watch each others back, love each other endlessly and last but not least, the time we spend together.

Yours truly,
Aida Asmadi